Kan Zhang (张侃)

Kan Zhang (张侃)

Sounds: kʰæn²¹⁴ ʈʂaŋ⁵⁵
Travel Writer & Photographer


I am a travel writer from China and have been travelling around the world since 2016.

In 2018, I bought a used car in the Republic of Georgia and started my #drive2world project. So far, a total of 95 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, Oceania and North America have been reached.

I have established partnerships with many well-known travel media in China and around the world and have been a long-time contributor to them, including Lonely Planet and Trip.com.

Find out more about my writings on www.drive2world.com

  • European Culture & History
  • Anthropology & Ethnology
  • Borders & Nationalities
  • Cities & Architectures
  • Overlanding Trips

Have Been To…

95 Countries & Territories

by TCC Standard

5 Continents

Asia, Europe, Oceania, Africa & North America

47 Countries & Territories

in Single-car Overlanding Trip of #Drive2World


Lonely Planet China Magazine —《孤独星球》中文杂志
Contracted Author
South Reviews Magazine —《南风窗》杂志
Contributing Author
VCG Group (500px.com) — 视觉中国集团
Stock Photo Contributor
Ctrip Group (Trip.com) — 携程集团
Contracted Photographer


Journeys after COVID-19
Jul 2020 – Present China
Drive2World — Americas
Dec 2018 – Nov 2019
Drive2World — Asia, Europe & Africa
Jan 2018 – Jul 2018